The Tengerdi family is characterized by a great deal of patriotism,  and has respect for conservative values.

Each of the three generations has dealt with sports and music:

Győző Tengerdi


Retired folk musician, teacher, conductor

Chorus, Hungarian folk music: violin, viola

The citizen of Balatonkeresztúr

Győzőné Tengerdi


Retired teacher



Győző Tengerdi


Teacher, economist, wildlife management engineer, intermediate level catering qualification, sommelier, certified wine examiner


Tengerdi Ltd. until today

Verga Veszprém Forestry Ltd. – Chief Executive Officer 2010-2015

Silva Hungary Kft. – Business Development Director 2015

Kisberek Vt. – a professional hunter from 2017



2011. Honor of the Minister of Internal Affairs, “Exceptional standing for red mud disaster”

2011. A memorial card donated by the President of the General Assembly of Veszprém County for exceptional work in the red mud disaster

2012. Hubertus Cross diamonds for exemplary hunting activities

2013. Pro Comitatu Award, Veszprém County

2014. Pro Meritis Gold Medal, Veszprém County Law City


Music: classical and Hungarian folk music – clarinet, bass, viola


Sport: athletics: 400 m 51.13 sec (1984), 800 m 1: 58.5 min. (1984), 4×400 m relay race 3:30 (1984), marathon 4: 00,47 hours (2009), 101.5 km 15 hours (2014)

Erika Bausz Tengerdiné


Managing Director: Tengerdi Ltd. and Tengerdi Kézműves Borászat Ltd.

Kindergarten teacher, German teacher, certified wine examiner

Music: flute, Sport: handball, hobby running

Dóra Tengerdi



Music: piano, Sport: Hobby running

Győző Levente Tengerdi


Grammar school student

Music: piano, Sports: athletics, midway: 800 m 2:09 (2018), 1 500 m 4:41 min. (2018), half marathon at the age of 12: 1:58 h

Boglárka Tengerdi


Primary school student

Music: piano, Sport: 9.5 km running at 10 – 5:35 min./km