Fröccsterasz & Strandgrill Erika

Fastfood Restaurant

Fröccsterasz and Strandgrill Erika is located on the most beautiful beach of the area, on the central beach in Balatonmáriafürdő.

The monstre fast food restaurant, which was formed of four shops, is waiting for the hungry and thirsty beach guests with a cozy terrace of about 400 m2.

In addition to the cozy beach music and the fast service, our guests can choose from a wide variety of dishes: beach food, traditional snacks, grilled dishes made with modern sous vide technology, unique burgers, grilled sausages, „Lángosh” nuggets, excellent pizzas, fresh salads, delicious desserts and ice are on the menu. For your meals, you can choose homemade lemonade, draft beer, wine from our wine cellar, premium coffees and other quality drinks.

The shop is open not only to the beach, but also to the street, where bikers, walkers, and evening dinner guests visit the cozy terrace.